December 15, 2017

FHA Streamline 203K Home Loan

FHA Streamline 203K Home Loan Program Information

The Streamline 203K home loan program is available for home purchase or refinances.  With the streamline 203K process, you have the opportunity to go up to $35,000 in upgrades and extend an additional $10,000 for Energy Efficient Upgrades (EEU).  The additional EEU $10,000 does not count against your qualifying debt to income ratios.

Here is a list of items that the streamline 203k includes:











*Flooring – wood, tile, carpet, vinyl



*Appliances – Energy Efficient

To close on a purchase or refinance the standard closing time frame averages 30 – 45 days depending on your scenario.  A streamline 203K will require 45 days to close.  Depending how long it will take for a general contractor, roofer, and carpet company to bid, you will want 45 days to close.  The lender will require credentials from the general contractor, roofer, etc.

This loan program is open to single family homes to a 4 plex.  Loan limits are the exact same as if you were buying with FHA financing.  Here are the local County loan limits.

For example if you are pre-approved at $300k look for homes in the $250k – $265k range.  That way you have cushion to add the $35k in upgrades and still be within your qualifying pre-approval.

Yes we are approved to do Streamline 203k home loans!


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