June 25, 2017

Seattle Mortgage Rates Today

mortgage rates seattleThe Mortgage Reel’s Goal: To become the recognized online authority for expert insight into global and local factors that  impact Mortgage Rates in Seattle.

Our purpose is to create transparency and educate consumers on what currently impacts Seattle’s mortgage rates.

“Why are Seattle Mortgage Rates Important to Me?”

Mortgage rates are a considerable aspect when obtaining a loan for purchasing or refinancing your home.  Mortgage rates are dynamic; they are a determining factor on many counts regarding a mortgage.   Mortgage rates will determine if you are able to afford the monthly payment on a home.  The mortgage rate will also dictate the overall cost of your home when considering the interest paid over the life of a loan.  Even the type of loan for which you may qualify for, e.g., fixed-rate or adjustable (ARM), is dictated by the mortgage rate.  Most importantly, the rate will determine the amount of money you can borrow or qualify for.

“What are Some Factors That Affect Seattle Mortgage Rates?”

Mortgage rates are affected by many factors.  Some causes are quite complex while others are not.  News regarding global markets plays a role in mortgage rate fluctuation.  Sentiment from the Federal Reserve will influence rates.  Positive and negative rhetoric in regards to the economy will have an effect on the movement of mortgage rates.  Supply and demand for money in the market along with inflation will impact rates available in the marketplace.

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Brian C.

“Why Should I Read Daily Mortgage Rate Updates on the Seattle Mortgage Rates page The Mortgage Reel?”

Again, we want to emphasize that our intention is to offer transparency and education about Seattle mortgage rates in a friendly, readable format.  Our commitment is to provide current and insightful information on what influences rates—what is affecting the rates today and why.  You will find information regarding global markets and economies and their impact to mortgage rates here in the U.S.  You will learn why mortgage rates shift when the Federal Reserve offers their statements.  You will also be informed about reports—such as Jobless Claims, Employment, Personal Consumption, New and Pending Home Sales—that also have bearing on mortgage rates.

“How Can I Get My Daily Dose of Seattle Mortgage Rate Updates?”

Well, you read it here!  Come back to this site as often as you like.  If videos are up your alley, come visit us on our YouTube Channel at The Mortgage Reel.  And, of course, visit our Facebook page.  Please don’t forget to “Like” us!

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