November 23, 2017

Seattle & Bellevue Real Estate Mortgage Rate Watch for 9/21/10

Federal Reserve day, awaiting for any specific language from the Federal Reserve which would fuel the stock market to sell off or buy bonds.  As mentioned in our previous posts, speculation of another purchase program of bond to be announced in November may help mortgages.  There is a lot of Wall Street Chatter as to which way this will go, we will keep you informed and up to date.  Housing starts rose 10.5%, the  highest levels in 4 months as builder gamble on a stronger housing market in 2011.  Unemployment receives little releif as U.S. Productivity remains high.  With fewer employess, more productivity and stronger bottom lines it seems the labor market will continue to stuggle in the months to come. 

Make sure to check the “Events Calendar” for upcoming announcements that my impact your largest investment, your home.

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