December 15, 2017

Seattle Mortgage Rate News Today October 16, 2013


Seattle Mortgage Rates

Seattle Mortgage Rates

What’s the Current Trend in Seattle Mortgage Rates?

Seattle mortgage rates have slightly worsened


What’s Happening in Financial Markets?

Mortgage bonds worsened overnight but have gained positive momentum so hopefully that will lead to better pricing.


How Does This Affect My Mortgage Rate?

With the debt ceiling deadline, will a deal be reached?  Hopefully a final decision will be agreed upon to avoid a default creating additional issues.  If not, I wonder how long it would take to reach a final agreement.  Any guesses?

A senior Senate Democratic aide did say a deal was nearly completed and could be announced.  Let’s hope that is the case.

Positive note, we can still fund purchase and refinance loans.  The shutdown has not stopped this process yet.  As the Seattle real estate purchase competition continues, prepare yourself with a strong pre-approval.  Contact us!

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