January 17, 2018

Seattle Mortgage Rates Today 11/1/12

seattle mortgage ratesSeattle Mortgage Rates Today 11/1/12: Yesterday found the NYSE open after 2 days of being shut down in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.  Bond prices are virtually unchanged due to light trading in the markets; expect trading normalcy in the next week as people return to work in the coming days.  Do note, however, that as trading volume ramps up, volatility may be the result.

Tomorrow morning will bring us the Jobs Report.  Analysts predict a creation of 125,000 created; 130,000 private sector jobs created to offset moderate government job losses.  According to the ADP Report yesterday, the economy added 158,000 private sector jobs in October.  Stocks were positively affected by this news this morning when the NYSE opened.

Oddly, there has not been too much news coming from Europe.  However, that does not mean something is not brewing.  Expect negative sentiment to make headlines soon.  No news may be good news, but in the case of the debt-laden Euro Zone, this is not the case.

As bonds made some noticeable gains these past few days, it’s worth noting that a locking stance is prudent before tomorrow’s Jobs Report is released.  There may be a knee-jerk reaction in the market.  If you have time to wait, floating your rate is also a viable choice.


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