December 16, 2017

Seattle Mortgage Rates Today 5/10/12

Seattle Mortgage Rates Today 5/10/12: “Is the collapse of the EU on the horizon?”   Those words may ring true in 2013 should Greece find itself seceding from the European Union.  Obviously, with their debt woes and mandated austerity measures, Greece will not be coming out of the abyss anytime soon.  Other countries experiencing economic crises, such as Italy and Spain, are just beginning to rear their ugly heads.  Should the crises reach their full potential like their neighbor Greece, the collapse of the EU in within reach.

While Greece continues to experience uncertainty given the current state of their economy and government, it is likely that they will find themselves in another default.  Spain, too, is on its way down as the government took control of another large banking institution.  Falling housing prices are forcing banks to attempt to recapitalize at the expense of government bailouts.  This is already a bad situation that can get worse quickly.  As more negative sentiment materializes out of the EU, global investors will continue to find the safe haven in US bonds.

Mortgage bonds have been experiencing their best levels for the past week.  Again, what goes up must come down.  Although bonds have been stable, stocks have an opportunity to gain some strength—probably not enough to affect us in over the longer term.

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