November 24, 2017

Seattle Mortgage Rates Today 5/24/12

Seattle Mortgage Rates Today 5/24/12: “Contain the contagion.”  Germany continues to stand ground on the mandated austerity measures and will not advocate the issue of a Euro bond to mitigate the crisis in Greece.  However, there seems to be some positive sentiment that EuroZone officials will take charge and attempt to contain the contagion from spreading to other EU countries like Spain and Italy.  What’s the European Central Bank to do?  Well, print more Euros!  Should the ECB head in that direction, it will only add more debt to the current situation; at least it will buy some time for the EuroZone to determine what steps they need to take.

“Grexit = US Recession?”  Some analysts believe that Greece’s exit from the Euro could indirectly affect the US economy.  Unintended consequences which include trade with the US will not be known should the exit take place.  As we pointed out yesterday, the decision for the exit is up in the air.  Greece has yet to form a new government; the rise of Syriza, the anti-bailout party, could affect whether or not Greece remains in the Euro.

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