November 20, 2017

Seattle Mortgage Rates Today 6/28/12

Seattle Mortgage Rates Today 6/28/12: “What will day 1 of the European Summit in Brussels bring us?”  There is still much uncertainty in Europe as global investors are losing confidence that a solution will not come to fruition.  German Chancellor Angela Merkel continues to be steadfast against a Euro Bond of any sort.  With Greece, Italy and Spain ganging up on Germany to revise mandated austerity measures, we can only wait and see how steadfast Chancellor Merkel will remain.  The EU must unify if they intend to come up with a solution soon.  Again, confidence is low.

“Where are the JOBS?!”  Initial Jobless Claims continue to rise.  With the previous week’s revision to 392,000, the claims are nearing the 400,000 mark.  This week reports 386,000, only 6,000 less.  Ouch.  Let’s see what next week’s Jobs Report reveals.

Here at home the market continues to be relatively stable.  Bonds remain high because of ongoing reports regarding our weak economy and the uncertainty blanketing the EU.  The prospect of Quantitative Easing 3 is also positively affecting bonds.

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