December 16, 2017

Seattle Mortgage Rates Today 6/4/12

Seattle Mortgage Rates

Seattle Mortgage Rates

Seattle Mortgage Rates Today 6/4/12: “Global investors looking to lose?”  Last Thursday, the 10-year Treasury note dropped to an all-time low of 1.56%.  Given the dire state of the economy in the EU and around the world, global investors continue to find safe haven trading in US Treasuries.  Although inflation is currently at 2%, investors find themselves taking small loss over 10 years rather than a huge loss in the short term.  Remember this: mortgage rates are not affected by the 10-year Treasury.

“Are stocks trending higher?”  Stocks seem to be rallying higher this morning at the expense of bonds.  Last Friday’s Jobs Report which came in at an anemic 69,000 from the expected 150,000 boosted bonds last week.  All of the negative sentiment from the EU and weak economic news here at home has brought stocks down in the past month.  The feeling that stocks may stabilize is the prospect that the Fed will step in and implement some sort of stimulus in the form of QE3.

Again, our recommendation for the short-term is to lock your rate and for those with time on their side, float and be on the ready to lock.

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