November 23, 2017

Seattle Mortgage Rates Today April 10, 2009

Seattle Mortgage Rates Today April 10, 2009


This week was pretty quiet for the release of any economic news.  No news was released to impact mortgage interest rates.  Interest rates did ride the wave like stock market but we closed lower this week then where we initially started, which is always a huge plus.  The major mover for the interest rates will be the Feds.  The plan is to continue to purchase mortgage bonds to maintain mortgage rates at the current levels.  

The Home Affordable Refinance program, was released this week.  Many homeowners have waited patiently to take advantage of this opportunity but please be patient.  Right now not all lenders have released guidelines or pricing to make accurate adjustments.  Check with your lender to make sure you are eligible.  We can always assist you with the process, but follow this video to make sure you are currently eligible.  

We have introduced important facts and information regarding loan modifications.  Homeowners who are underwater and are unable to refinance are looking into loan modifications.  Educate yourself before you begin the process, you want to make sure you are working with professionals who have experience and will represent you.  Please visit our loan modification category.  

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