November 23, 2017

Seattle Mortgage Rates Today 3/13/09

Seattle Mortgage Rates Today 3/13/09

The week began with the change in the uptick ruling on shorting stocks which had a short lived rally in the stock market. As the week progressed there were press announcements from Chase, Bank of America and closing out the week CitiBank. Each re-stating their positions and viability as a sound financial institution. CitiBank stating that they will not need the TARP funds to sustain. Wall Street reacted positively with three consecutive days of positive gains. These gains would normally come at the cost of Mortgage Backed Securities, on the contrary, they held strong at loosing ground in the A.M. trading session to close back in positive territories. How this translates to the home owner, rates remained through the week between 4.875 – 5.00%. What we really have our eyes focused on is the next three weeks and the outcome of the modification to theMark to Market accountingrule. This could be a huge boost to the U.S. Financial system including Banks! With change comes uncertainty as to how mortgage rates will be impacted, but the positive side to look at is the liquidity crisis possibly coming to an end. If banks are able to shift their balance sheets positively due to the change in the Mark to Market accounting rule they will once again to have liquidity and the ability to lend. With lending brings the ability for business to once again revolve and restore cash flow. As companies become stronger they will begin to slowly hire easing pressure on unemployment, in turn slowly restoring consumer confidence. ?This our optimistic outlook but it much better to think about compared to where we were six months ago.

Some people are seeing banks cut back on credit card lines and even forgoing reissuing cards to borrowers. This is all stemming from the fear that borrowers will not repay this unsecured credit due to the employment crisis. Retrospectively China has done the same to the United States. They are now expressing concerns over the increasing national debt the current administration is racking up to sustain the further collapse of the economy. China is currently one of the largest debt carriers of the United States.

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  1. Chuck Friggins says:

    I came across your weekly article on and found the blog post very informational. It’s nice to have an honest human opinion of what is taking place vs what media says. I am not interested in buying sorry, but I do enjoy keeping up to date with changes for my college students who are future buyers hopefully.

    Thanks Again


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