November 23, 2017

Seattle Real Estate Mortgage Rates Today 1/10/2011

Bellevue / Seattle Real Estate Mortgage Rate Watch: Will Interest Rates Go Back DOWN? With an Improving Economy, Optimistic Outlook for 2011 and a strong stock market, Mortgage Rates will have an uphill battle to improve from here. Let’s break this down: For housing as the economy gets better, consumer confidence returns, job market improves, people have more certainty and begin to buy homes again. Good for housing and equity But rates will move higher with improvement. Not a bad, just have to the aware for TIMING.

Global Markets like Europe will continue to play a key roll in the rise and fall of rates. With Europe still facing uncertainty the U.S. bond market still is a Safe Haven for investments. When this happens Mortgage Rates are the beneficiaries as money flows into bonds and pressures yields lower. BUT just as those fund came in and Europe eventually figures its way back, funds will once again flow back into foreign markets leaving the U.S. Bonds and Rates with a short term life span of low rates.

4th Quarter earnings also are HERE. As the private sector continues to release earnings reports and if they come in upbeat then the forecast for 2011 will be more robust. Pressuring Interest Rates.

Here is the real kick for the first half of 2011….. Ready…… The ailing Euro, Economic Reports, Treasury Auctions, Global Inflation, Rate Hikes Local and Abroad, QE2, Stocks and Wall Street….. All which have impacts on Rates. As of right now all have optimistic futures. With optimism just like the media they will sell the hype and this will pressure interest rates.

Bottom line this is good news to help revive the U.S. real estate market. For buy ups, current and future home owners, timing and education will be key to taking advantage of the market. The Mortgage Reel Team is committed to be here to bring as much transparency to the market as your Mortgage Professionals.

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