November 23, 2017

Seattle Real Estate Mortgage Rates Today 1/13/2011

Bellevue / Seattle Real Estate Mortgage Rate Watch: Auctions once again, 30 year Auction receives a “C” rating. NOT SO GOOD. Media is focused on the Producers Price Index and here at the Mortgage Reel we are following this closely as the PPI tells us what the crystal ball has to offer for the future. Inflation is slowing taking a foot hold as we continue to see indicators that warn of gradual RISE in rates for this summer. Just like the cost of fuel. Companies must now determine what to do about the costs of goods. Up until now companies have kept the cost of goods they produce the same but with it moving higher they will either continue to take the loss and see in their earnings OR pass it on to the consumer. We think the consumer, US. So as prices increase INFLATION once again is appearing. BOO! that is exactly what the word inflation does to the bond market which relates directly to mortgage rates.
Keeping this in mind we may be at the best levels today in mortgage rates that we will see for 2011. Evidence over opinion is in the numbers. HOWEVER with Europe still finding their way financially and the U.S. as a financial Safe Haven will keep rates low, BUT this is only for the short term.

We are finishing our final touches on a very important piece for both Sellers and Buyers in todays market. Stay Tuned.

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