December 15, 2017

Seattle Real Estate Mortgage Rates Today 1/6/2011

Bellevue / Seattle Real Estate Mortgage Rate Watch: JOBS, JOBS, JOBS, the theme of the week. ADP report yesterday SURPRISED the market. Today the Initial Jobless Claims Disappointed the market. Tomorrow the JOBS report will definitely MOVE the market. The see-saw will no less continue to churn the financial waters. This all will IMPACT rates on a DAILY basis.
Also to be announced for next week are the amount of debt being auctioned in long term debt. This is very important for homeowners to be aware of because of the ratings these auctions receive. Good Rating BETTER Rates, Bad Rating WORSE Rates.
The saying of “Don’t Fight the Fed” continues to be the topic of debate. Quantitative Easing 2 seems to be working at the moment. Keep in mind the goal of the Fed is to Create Inflation, Lower Unemployment and Raise Stock Prices. All of which are in the mix and will be told truly on Friday with the jobs report.

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  1. Jeremy Higgins says:

    I am a buyer who has been waiting for the bottom. I have been reading your posts for the last year and find it very interesting you pointed out that rates will be more compelling to buy over the price of a home. This is actually exactly what is motivating my wife and I to begin our home search now instead of waiting until summer. I agree that interest rates will be higher in the summer than it is now because of what is predicted to happent to gas. Thank you for your posts and commitment to inform the public.

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