November 20, 2017

Seattle Real Estate Mortgage Rates Today 2/1/2011

Seattle / Bellevue Real Estate Mortgage Rate Watch: Crisis in Egypt, UPS Booming, how did it affect rates today?  The sentiment for Wall Street and Investors is even though the crisis in Egypt is far from over, protesting will not lead to escalated violence from police and the military.  This sentiment is causing investors to shift funds out of the U.S. and back overseas, pressuring yields and rates to move higher.  Also here at home, Big Brown, UPS reported blowout earnings that also sent Wall Street higher, again a money shift from Bonds & Equities to Wall Street, also pressuring rates.

Here is the POINT of the day: For Investors, Current and Future Home Owners, be warned.  Global recovery and growth continues to expand.  With expansion comes the gradual rise in interest rates.  Why?  As foreign economies improve they will shift funds out of the U.S. markets back overseas.  This is one variable to pressure rates.  Then there is the Federal Reserve, in 2009 & 2010 the Federal Reserve were my friends….. They lowered and kept interest rates low by purchasing long term bonds to support the housing market.  HOWEVER in 2011………. EX-FRIEND, why? Quantitative Easing 2….. Created by the FED to Boost Stock Prices, CREATE INFLATION and lower Unemployment.  INFLATION is my arch enemy.  Yes we want the economy to improve, but at what cost?  With inflation in the near future, the stimulus of the $600 Billion from QE2 will pressure rates higher this year.  IMPROVING economy, Global Economic Improvement, QE2 and INFLATION are all the cocktail mix for rates to gradually rise from these historical low levels.

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