November 24, 2017

Seattle Real Estate Mortgage Rates Today 5/5/11

Seattle / Bellevue Real Estate Mortgage Rate Watch:  Local mortgage rates remain at the LOWEST levels for 2011.  If you are in position to lock a refinance or purchase transaction consider securing your long term savings in.  Here is why:

The bond market has been fueled with weak economic data and many are betting on the fact of future projections will remain weak.  For the past 30 days the bond market has received close to a 300bp bump.  Overall this is a huge gain and the strength of the bonds lowered mortgage rates for consumers. 

Now that the bond has been purchased so heavily (30 days) and were facing a strong ceiling of resistance, any positive economic news, stats, data, can cause the bond to selloff (weaken).  If this happens mortgage rates can increase. 

Tomorrow is the release of the jobs report.  This economic report will impact the market, but how?  Jobless claims were higher than expected at 474,000, the largest level of new claims in 9 months.  Many analysts are banking on the fact of a weak new Jobs report.  The unemployment rate looks to remain close to 8.8%. 

Timing is critical when securing the best/lowest mortgage rate.  Working with the Mortgage Reel you will receive advice, education, and local knowledge.  You can see the dedication and commitment we provide by posting daily mortgage updates. 

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