December 14, 2017

Seattle Real Estate Mortgage Rates Today 6/3/11

Seattle / Bellevue Real Estate Mortgage Rate Watch: After a positive start this morning rates have moved into the red loosing the big gains seen earlier this week on Tuesday. Even though the economy is producing sluggish data the money from the stock market has slowed from moving into the bond market. Part of this is being fueled by the earlier announcement this week from Moody that the U.S. could potentially be placed into review for its AAA bond rating which is the highest. Keep in mind the bond is full of debt of the U.S. and if the rating is decreased then it is showing signs to the world that the U.S. is questionable on its ability to repay its debts. This would be disastrous for bonds, rates and the economic recovery. Now with political parties announcing for the next presidency it will only become even more volatile in the markets along with the already bumpy data.

What is interesting lenders have opened up the pricing for rates even lower than we have been, in fact to the levels where we were prior to Quantitative Easing 2 back in November of 2010. Are they projecting rates to go lower. To early to call ESPECIALLY with rumors of QE3.

The sun is out and it is a big open house weekend here in Seattle / Eastside. We will report back with our findings of what the results were on Monday.
Have a great weekend.

Timing is everything just as location of the home is critical. Timing in securing an interest rate, BEST rate, is working with a mortgage professional who has their pulse on the market and when best to advise and educate their clients when timing is right. Along with this key knowledge is to be on top of all of the lending and underwriting changes which seem to almost happen daily. We at the Mortgage Reel are Licensed Washington Loan Originators, serving clients with transparency, knowledge and most importantly keeping your goals in mind. How can we assist you today?

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