February 19, 2018

Seattle Real Estate Mortgage Rates Today 6/9/11

Seattle Real Estate Mortgage Rates Today 6/9/11:  This morning at 10am the $13B 30yr bond auction is set to take place.  So far this week we have averaged a “B” grade in auction results, with longer maturities today, hopefully the demand continues. 

The bond auction results will be crucial for the outcome of today’s mortgage rates.  The bonds weakened overnight with rates up a small margin.  We have recommended clients who are on the short term (closing in 20 days or less) to consider securing the gains we have received. 

U.S jobless claims rose last week, as a clear sign the labor market continues to struggle.  The report was at 427,000 with an estimated figure at 419,000.  This was the ninth consecutive month that claims were above the 400,000 mark.  The direction of claims shows the delayed rebound for employment. 

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