December 11, 2017

Seattle Real Estate Mortgage Rates Today 7/18/11

Seattle Real Estate Mortgage Rates Today 7/18/11: Where is our summer? That is the same tune the U.S. is asking about foreign investor who at this time last year were major investors. As of right now China is the largest investor at $1.16 trillion of our debt….. Freakish number isn’t it, this is why on Saturday Night Live they joke about the U.S. owned now by China. Joke or reality? Only time will tell, this is the sentiment that many countries have on the U.S. debt crisis. The question still looms can we repay our debt? Especially when you have a government so divided on what to do about spending, you can tell they are not true business professionals, if they actually looked at the budget you would know in a heart beat RED in the books is not good.

So enough with our Monday sidebar. What is happening to Mortgage Rates? Bonds actually sold off on news from Treasury International Capital with data that foreign investors purchased fewer longer term U.S. treasuries in May. This could be partly a result of what is happening in the Euro and investors trading on Credit Default Swaps. Yes that is correct, gambling on them going broke.

Have you looked at gold? All time high of $1,600. This shows how many investors do not believe that the economy will recover any time soon and inflation will hit hard. Add to that global uncertainty…. you get gold at an all time high!

We will bring back our video segments this week! Stay tuned!

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  1. Yes that is a freakish number. Thanks for keeping us all updated. Timing is everything.

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