February 19, 2018

Unemployment Rate 9.0% & Seattle Real Estate Mortgage Rates Today Drop? 11/4/11

Unemployment Rate 9.0% & Seattle Real Estate Mortgage Rates Today Drop 11/4/11:  JOBS!  The expectations were set at 85k and fell short of this goal.  80k jobs were created in October BUT the unemployment rate dropped to 9.0% from 9.1%.  How is this calculated?

Luckily the previous two months numbers were stronger than previously reported.  Employers added a combined total of 102k more jobs in August and September.  This gain helped the unemployment rate improve to 9.0%.  The household survey that reports the unemployment rate shows stronger signs for the labor market but overall it is a painfully slow recovery.

To really see improvements in the unemployment rate, per month 150k jobs would have to be created consecutively.  Until this happens the US economy will continue the slow recovery pace.

This week was huge with the FED meeting, Greece stress continues, Italy under pressure, the Dow Jones trading in triple digits each day, and the jobs report. THE VOLATILITY CONTINUES WHICH LEADS TO A VERY IMPORTANT FACT!  The Bonds are currently supported by the 50 day moving average.  With the recent volatility, if the bonds drop below the 50 day moving average, the next support level is 170 basis points below equaling a .375% increase in RATEYes .375% HIGHER RATE!

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