January 19, 2018

Seattle Conforming Loan Limits Increased For 2011 (Ends 9/2011)

 Washington State Counties 

Loan Limit Expires September 2011!! 

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Federal Housing Finance Agency

2011 Conforming loan limits
increased by American

Economic Reinvestment Act


On Sept 29, the U.S. Congress extended through fiscal year 2011 the current conforming loan limit of $567,500 for high-cost areas, including King, Pierce, and Snohomish in Washington. It effectively extends the higher conforming loan limits for Fannie, Freddie, and FHA loans through Sept. 30, 2011. 

County   One Unit Limit Two Unit Limit Three Unit Limit Four Unit Limit
Clark  WA $418,750 $536,050 $648,000 $805,300
Jefferson WA $437,500 $560,050 $677,000 $841,350
King WA $567,500 $726,500 $878,150 $1,091,350
Kitsap WA $475,000 $608,100 $735,050 $913,450
Pierce WA $567,500 $726,500 $878,150 $1,091,350
San Juan WA $593,750 $760,100 $918,800 $1,141,850
Skamania WA $418,750 $536,050 $648,000 $805,300
Snohomish WA $567,500 $726,500 $878,150 $1,091,350

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  1. sounds like this will be good news for the buyers wanting to get into a home in a higher price range , Is this what I’m reading Keith?

  2. There has been a temporary freeze on the super conforming loan limits of $567,500 in King county for example. Right now the limit remains at the $506,000. May 1, 2009 the limits may go back to $567,500 so please check back. If you are in that price point for a refinance or purchase, please be patient.

    The Mortgage Reel

  3. The super conforming/agency jumbo loan limits were held back to $506k in King county for example. They will go back to $567,500 at the beginning of May for some lenders and possibly earlier for others. If you have a specific lender call and ask to verify.

    • sfujita says:

      Yes the conforming loan limits have been increased back to the chart above.

      King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties are all at $567,500

  4. If I have a junbo loan of %500,000 from, say, bank of america, does this limit increase mean I can refinance this loan as a regular 30 year fix? Thanks.

    • koakada says:

      Hi Liu, you are correct, you are able to refinance. However this all depends on the area that you live in. Because what they call the high balance loan limits are based on state to state increases it will all come down to where your home it located. We are located in Washington State and King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties all qualify for the high balance loan limit. Please specify what State/County you live in and we would be happy to provide further details for you.

      The other variable to consider is how much equity remains in your home.
      Thank You!

  5. Thanks, and it is good news. I live in Issaquah. I was told once by some mortgage broker that this new limit only applied to loans originated from fannie mae. I take this is incorrect, and the limit in fact applies to all loans?

    • sfujita says:

      Hi Liu,

      Since you are within King County, you would be eligible to refinance since the County limit has been increased to $567,500. Yes the loan limit applies to all loans.

      When you have time, please give us a call and we can provide specific details for your scenario.


  6. County loan limits will remain for 2010 as of now!!


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