December 14, 2017

FHA Increases the Annual MIP on April 18, 2011

To follow the established rules for the required reserve requirement of the Mutual Insurance Fund, FHA will increase the annual mortgage insurance premium (MIP).

The increase of .25% (25bp) was announced.  To avoid this increase you must have your case number assigned on or before April 14, 2011.

FHA recently increased the annual MIP to .85% – .90% but reduced the upfront mortgage insurance to 1%.  On April 18th the new annual MIP structure will be as follows:

30 Year

  • 5% down or more will increase from 85bp to 110bp
  • Less than 5% down will increase from 90bp to 115bp

15 Year

  • 10% down or more will increase from 0 to 25bp
  • Less than 10% down will increase from 25bp to 50bp

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