December 11, 2017

Seattle Short Sale Information & Assistance


Are you currently facing financial difficulty in making your monthly mortgage payments?


Have you fallen behind or will soon? 


Have you applied for a loan modification and received no help?


If you would like to sell your home prior to foreclosure you should speak with a short sale specialist today.  Act now and see what options you have before it is to late!!


Moose Math

Short Sale Specialist

John L Scott




 To clearly understand what is a short sale:

You are currently behind on your mortgage payments and your current principal balance is $200,000.  Because of the current real estate market your home is valued at $175,000.  In a short sale the lender agrees to take the $25,000 loss. 


The bank will or will not approve this.  You as an owner might agree to take $175,000 because that is the market value but the bank ultimately has to approve the deal. 


Short sales are becoming more and more popular, but the key item is to act as soon as possible. 

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