November 24, 2017

Seattle Mortgage Rates Today 5/14/12

Mortgage Rates Seattle

Mortgage Rates Seattle

Seattle Mortgage Rates Today 5/14/12: “It’s the Great Greece Exit, Euro Zone!”  As the minutes tick by, the crisis in Greece continues to worsen.  Exacerbated by the mandated austerity measures and bailout-resistant people, Greece remains in political purgatory unable to form a decisively cohesive government.  In Brussels, European Union officials are strategizing on how to tackle Greece’s exit from the Euro.  Again, as we said in an earlier post, there will be a plethora of unintended—and negative—consequences should Greece be pushed out of the EU.

The negative sentiment over the pond is pressuring trading of the Euro which has reached its lowest point—below $1.29—since January.  With such uncertainty and volatility in the market, global investors continue to find their way to a safe haven like US bonds and the US dollar.  How long will the bond honeymoon last?  Only time will tell.  As the uncertainty in Europe continues to climb, bonds will continue to clamor for traders.

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