December 16, 2017

Seattle Mortgage Rates Today 6/5/12

Seattle Mortgage Rates Today 6/5/12: “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”  With continued economic duress, Spain has finally come to its senses by approaching the EU for aid.  We have continually heard recently from Mariano Rajoy, Spain’s Prime Minister, that financial institutions do not require a bailout.  How wrong is he?  Spain’s Budget Minister, Cristobal Montoro, says otherwise.  Mr. Montoro has appealed the EU for monies to recapitalize the banks.  He believes that the EU should “open up and help us achieve, help facilitate, that figure because we are not talking about astronomical figures.”  Unfortunately, the figures needed to assist Spain are astronomical.  Again, the continued EuroDrama puts the entire financial position of the EU at risk.

The Institute of Supply Management (ISM) Services report will be released this morning.  Investors will keep a watchful eye on it as it may move the market; it may very well be an indicator of whether the FED may implement some sort of stimulus in the form of QE3.  This Thursday, Fed Chair Ben Bernanke will be meeting on Capitol Hill and discussing the economy.  Let’s wait and see what the consequences will be after he opens his mouth.

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