November 20, 2017

Seattle Real Estate Mortgage Rates Today 2/15/2011

Seattle / Bellevue Real Estate Mortgage Rate Watch: The gamble paid off, after last week’s EIGHT consecutive days of rates worsening the Bond market moving higher, we have found a floor of support and bounced back! Rates have stabilized and made a slow improvement over the last three days.  There is unfortunately a BUT here, INFLATION continues to show up around the world.  China and England both have had increases to their lending rates to control and slow inflation.  China is still showing signs of a boom, over 90% of businesses polled expect to raise salaries by 6% or more in 2011.  With no signs of their economy slowing INFLATION will continue to be a concern which will pressure the United States.  WHY?  Keep in mind that if Investors see a higher rate of return being paid in other markets outside of the U.S. money will shift outside of our bonds.  This will pressure yields on the bonds higher translating to higher mortgage rates.

We are still following the breaking news on FHA, Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, which have announced higher fee’s to come.  We still have not seen the official changes but will bring these to you as soon as we have it available.

It has become crystal clear that with all of the rules and regulation created by government and the Federal Reserve which was supposed to protect the homeowner/borrower has lost its path.  All of the regulation has done nothing other than to increase the cost of financing.  Rules, YES, needed to be instilled but the regulation is increasing the cost to the borrower which is simply said, unfair.

BUT rest assured that The Mortgage Reel stands committed to assisting current and future homeowners navigate their way through these murky waters.  Committed to providing transparency, clear and competitive options and peace of mind in the largest and most valued investment…. A home.

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