November 24, 2017

Seattle Real Estate Mortgage Rates Today 8/4/11

Seattle Real Estate Mortgage Rates Today 8/4/11.  Mortgage Rates have improved and recaptured yesterday’s losses.  Continued negative issues in Europe and weak US economic reports have led to an increase in mortgage bonds. 

European financial crisis continues with no end in sight.  As Greece continues to struggle, the financial distress has spread to larger countries like Italy and Spain.  Investors fear that Europe will be unable to handle the continuing debt issues. 

Fears in the US economy have led some to believe a double dip recession could be on the way.  Poor economic reports continue, here are a few important factors:  Projected layoffs due to Government cut backs, large corporations have also scheduled layoffs, Consumer confidence and spending have both declined, new jobs created is also down with projected cutbacks due to the slow economy. 

With Europe and US struggles, investors have lost confidence in stocks and moved funds into the bond market.  With positive gains in the bond market, this has led to the lowest consumer mortgage rates for 2011.  If you need to refinance or are buying, please contact us for a lending scenario. 

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