November 23, 2017

Long Term Care Insurance Opportunities

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Over the course of a lifetime, we save and invest to meet many goals like a comfortable retirement, the ability to travel, maybe even a retirement home. That takes planning, including taking into account how needing long-term care could impact your financial security and quality of life.  It’s a pragmatic part of a retirement plan these days. 


Andria is a specialist in long term care planning and shops the marketplace for the best solution for each individual client.  With LTC Financial Partners, the Nation’s most experienced long term care agency, Andria is appointed with only top A-rated carriers.  Andria believes everyone deserves to be educated about long term care planning and welcomes your call with any questions. 


The Sensible Long Term Care Plan


During a Workshop by telephone with Andria you will learn more about:

  • What long-term care insurance is and what it covers

  • What today’s costs associated with long term care are

  • The role of Medicare and Medicaid

  • How planning can help protect your independence, assets, and well-being

  • Tax advantages of this type of coverage

  • Additional benefits if you own a business



Call to reserve your session time today. Please mention The Mortgage Reel. 


Workshops are held in half hour sessions over the Internet

There is no charge to attend a workshop

At the end of your session you will receive a complimentary

copy of our booklet “Dignity for Life” which answers

many questions about long term care planning

To schedule:  425-789-1020


 Andria Bovey

LTC Financial Partners


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