December 11, 2017

How much should Seattle homeowners pay for a low mortgage rate?

Seattle Mortgage Reel provides a easy to understand presentation on how to maximize home owners closing costs to secure the best rate on a 30 year fixed conventional mortgage. How much will it cost and will you have to buy down the rate paying extra discount points?

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  1. Hi Mortgage Reel,

    I appreciate your valuable information regarding refinancing. With low rates I would like to refinance but do you recommend buying the rate down? Please advise, I would like a 15 year term and I plan on living at my current home for the long haul.

    Mr. J. Curry

  2. Mr. Curry,

    Thanks and I am glad you find value in If you have not, watch the break even point video. That will cover important information that will benefit you.

    Depending on pricing for that particular day rates continue to fluctuate. The cost of buying down from .125% to .250% may cost $1,000 or more dollars. I would factor the exact increase in cost, to see when your break even point will be.

    I would be happy to provide exact details, email

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